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Welcome All Cursillistas from Surrounding Areas


Greetings and De Colores,


My name is Oralia(Orie) Sanchez, and I am your new humble servant . I lived my Cursillo in 1980 at Fort Hood , Tx.  I have been active on my forth day since then. I have served as Secretary and Treasurer in the Secretariat for the Diocese of Austin Cursillo Movement. I look forward to the Lay Director position which is a big challenge ,but the success of it will be because You made it happen . Our Lord made us in His image ,died for us ,and now He asks of us to bring His people to a better relationship with Him through others.

Lay Director is just a title , what matters is the work and commitment behind the title.  I am open to all ideas and suggestions . I am giving Him all He asks of me without looking back.



We also hope that in this site you will share  your forth day  and enjoy


the fulfillment that your Secretariat and School of Leaders offers you.



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