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Feb 2020


Greetings and DE COLORES


Blessings to All: First, I want to thank all Secretariat members who came to support this important Event. They are serving our Lord and our Cursillo Community very well. I thank all 65 people from different parishes who attended this Lenten Retreat and were inspired by Fr. Chris’ Lenten’s message. We can never have enough messages about Lent. I also thank them for their donations, help to clean and some even brought food.

This has been a hard month for my family and I with Tino. At this point, we welcome this suffering because we know how many souls are being saved and it has strengthened our faith. Faith is about believing and accepting God’s will. We depend on His mercy and know that HE is in charge of all of this. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers and sacrifices that you make everyday. Live every day to the fullness because we never know the time, date, or hour that we will meet our precious Creator. Jim Ward, our School of Leaders Chairperson will be doing my duties for the month of March, as I will be having two eye surgeries. I wanted to postpone, but my children said “NO”. Just pray that they will be successful and still be able to be with Tino .I am also asking you to pray for our Bishop to soon appoint a new Spiritual Advisor. This is a very important role for us to have for our Movement. We also continue to pray for an increase in vocations. Please keep Dominga Anderson, our Women’s Coordinator and her team in prayer as they prepare for their team information. The weekend will on June 11-14, 2020. If you are thinking of sponsoring someone for Cursillo,, please do not wait till the last minute to start palanca. Start now and include the team. Also, please do not forget to make your $3 donation for the Nationals. The more we donate the more vouchers we earn to help us go to our Nationals, which will be helded in Omaha, Nebraska this year. Finally, the Lay Director’s messages will be done quarterly and not monthly. So, the next message will be posted in June 2020, September 2020, and December 2020. Please feel free to contact me at 254-394-0467 or through email at [email protected] if you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns. If you have a concern, please also send me your suggestion to fix the concern. I desire you to have a very blessed Lent. May we all have a new version of ourselves at Easter as a gift to our Lord for His ultimate sacrifice of His death on the cross for us. DE COLORES 

Lay Director:  Orie Sanchez (254) 394-0467.)  [email protected] 


Brothers & Sisters do to the potential health impacts of COVID-19 on people's ability to safely attend events, all activity's to include Ultreya, SOL and Secretariat meetings are postponed until further notice. All updates will be posted  as developments improve.

Jim Ward  SOL English Cursillo Austin Diocese


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