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June 2020


Greetings and DE COLORES

January- Lay Director’s Message

Blessings to All: Happy New Year: I pray that you are staying close to Jesus. Now more than ever we need the close relationship to keep us positive and focus on keeping our world safe and our Cursillo Movement ALIVE. A lot has transpired in 2020, but thanks to God, that is in the past. We need to look forward to this New Year that God has blessed us to see another year. Please remember that although we have lost family members and friends He left us in this world for a purpose. What is our purpose? To serve God, take care of our families, and help our friends and the ones that have no one to care for them. As we pray to our Lady of Guadalupe, St Paul the Apostle and asking Eduardo Bonnin to intercede for us, know that when we pray with a contrite heart, our prayers will be heard. Jesus says, “Not everyone that says Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This year is the year of St. Joseph. Besides praying for our Movement, heavy prayer is needed for this confused world of ours. Sometimes I am discouraged with the attendance of the zoom meetings thus far with all the notifications sent out via email and Facebook. We cannot allow this pandemic to interfere and disconnect our friendship as cursillstas. We need to continue to persevere and keep doing God’s work. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A quote from Eduardo Bonnin “Because everyone has a different perspective, what we have to achieve is that the Christ of each person be the person of Christ.” As we adore baby Jesus in His crib, may we understand that God loved us so much that he gave us His son for our salvation. Let us not waste the time here on earth but use it wisely. Join us through Zoom for School of Leaders/Ultreyas. Do not get stale. Just look at our world and see that God is asking us to unite  together so that we can make a difference to our God, our families, our friends, and others. We are prayer Warriors and Christian Leaders who have to be in the front to lead others to God. Be awake as you adore baby Jesus. Let us show Him how grateful we are with what we have. Do not let this COVID come between God, you, and your families. REMEMBER, this virus is not from God. Are we awake enough to invite our far away brothers and sisters to take the opportunity to join us through ZOOM and connect with each other by participating in Ultreya, School of Leaders, and other Events offered to us? Now is the time to gather the self-witness and offer into prayer for your brothers and sisters that are going through difficult times. True palanca sustains our brothers and sisters who need this leverage. Continue to be an apostle of Christ. We held our secretariat meeting on Jan 13th and have decided to start having our Secretariat meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm, School of  Leaders every 4th Tuesday at 7:00pm and Ultreya meetings to take place the first Sunday of each month at 3:00pm. All meetings will be via zoom, the password will be sent out to the community via email and Facebook. You can also request the password by emailing to [email protected].The Secretariat is diligently working to keep our Movement in tac. However, we cannot do it by ourselves. As we prepare for Lent, God is inviting you in preparation of Lent to attend our Lenten Retreat on Saturday, February 13, 2021. Our guest speaker will be Father Uche, pastor at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Salado. If you haven't met him you need to come. The Holy Spirit truly lives in him. It will be at the Holy Family Social Hall, Copperas Cove, TX. The fee will be DONATIONS ONLY. The time is 9am-12noon.Please contact Dominga Anderson at (254) 338-3802 or Orie Sanchez at 254-394-0467 if you want to attend. We will practice social distance and you cannot attend without wearing a mask. Some refreshments will be provided.

May you have a healthy, wonderful, blessed New Year. Remember that God is counting on you. You are his feet and hands. DE COLORES

Lay Director:  Orie Sanchez (254) 394-0467.)  [email protected] 




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