Diocese of Austin English Cursillo Community   

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Schedule of English  3 day Weekends



                  SPRING 2018                    

                  WOMEN'S                         April 19-22-2018 





                  MEN'S                              May 17-20-2018




                  FALL 2018 

                  WOMEN'S                    September 13-16-2018 



                                                    Rectora:  Mary Escobedo



                                                    Co-Rectora- Jean Ward


                  MEN'S                        Postponed      






Schedule of Spanish Weekends




                                  SPRING 2018

                 WOMEN'S (Spanish)                       February 22-25-2018






                 MEN'S   (Spanish)                           April 26-29-2018





                FALL   2018 




               WOMEN'S  (Spanish)                       August 09-12-2018 




               MEN'S  (Spanish)                           October 11-14-2018




(Information  provided by the Spanish Community.  Please direct all questions to the Spanish Lay Director, Adolfo “Doc” Alvarez @ (512) 784-7964.)