Diocese of Austin English Cursillo Community   

Welcome All Cursillistas from Surrounding Areas





The Pre-Cursillo is the first of three stages of the Cursillo movement. This stage relies primarily on evangelization to achieve its purpose – which is bringing candidates into the Cursillo.














Cursillo is a movement of the Catholic Church that promotes Catholic ideals, fellowship, and spiritual growth in daily living. It provides an opportunity to deepen your Catholic faith, and to experience the love of God within a supportive and prayerful community. The Cursillo is a method of giving those, who have the potential of influencing others, a personal encounter with Christ and the means to further enhance, support, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelizing their environments.



The Postcursillo is the community means (spiritual direction, group reunion, Ultreyas, School of Leaders) designed to increase and assist the conversion and Christian living initiated in the Cursillo weekend so that the individual and group restlessness aroused in the three days ultimately leaven with the Gospel spirit the ecclesial and human community, and temporal structures in general.