Diocese of Austin English Cursillo     

             Welcome All Cursillistas from Surrounding Areas

If you have ever wanted to attend a National Cursillo Encounter, but you couldn't  because of expenses being high or not able to travel?  Here is the greatest opportunity ever.  This year the National Cursillo Encounter will be Viral.  It will begin on Friday, July 24 thru Saturday, July 25, 2020 right from Omaha, Nebraska.

The great opportunities are that (1) you don't have to travel, and (2) the   registration is only $50.00.  I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed.  What a beautiful way to make the Encounter together and to focus on our Lord at this time that we need it the most.  I asked you  to please consider this as you recall your response when you received your cross on your weekend "Christ is counting on you and I IN HIM." The registration form is on our website or  you can go to natl-cursillo.org After July 5th, the cost will go to $70.00. No registration will be allowed after July 15th. We will be doing palanca for you that the Holy Spirit will touch your hearts and rekindle your commitment that you made on your weekend.