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BY LAWS                      Oct 2021 MINUTES


October 25, 2021

Members Present

Orie Sanchez / Maria Hudkins

Jim Ward / Robin Spencer

Deacon Victor Beltran

Bettina Blackburn

Cynthia Neve

Madeline Tucci Tannehill

Lynn Acosta

Jean Ward

Opening Prayer: The meeting was opened at 09:15, Deacon Victor led us in prayer. We followed with grouping

Approval of Minutes: Cynthia motioned to accept September 2021 minutes; Lynn second the motion.

Spiritual Advisor’s Report: Deacon Victor will continue to work with Jim attending the building committee meetings, also continue reporting to the Bishop. No scheduled meetings with Ron Walker and the Bishop currently. Hopefully will get the building issues here in Jarrell fixed so that we can schedule and use for weekend retreats. Joked with Bishop about a replacement for him and asked if Deacon Fred can help with SOL, and retreats. Deacon Victor mentioned that if Robin is not able to attend an SOL, any other member can step up and lead the meeting. Deacon also reminded us he has Ultreyas in McGregor, monthly. In the past Deacon has always been our liaison and advocate with the bishop. Deacon had written an article concerning our movement to be published in the Catholic Spirit but it was not entered due to the death of Kobe Bryant. Deacon will approach the bishop and ask him to please support us. This is a National (worldwide) Movement not only a Diocesan movement. The lady in charge of the Catholic Spirit is awesome and will help us with articles. Deacon expressed looking forward to a new beginning with our new secretariat members.

Outgoing Lay Director: Orie explained the changes to the by-laws and new terms which are under articles 8 & 9, on page 5 in the bylaws. Also, other duties as assigned by the lay director. Orie suggested to Robin for possible SOL topics to use Step by Step new manuals for study. Orie also explained to Madeline the process and copies needed for new Cursillo applicants on upcoming retreats.

Lay Director: Maria (Lulu) also asked all members to review the new by¬-laws and be ready to vote on accepting or changes for our next meeting in November. Lulu is looking forward to working with the new team and will lead by example. Lulu expressed having a good mentor in Orie who is also very experienced. Lulu wants us to feel free to ask questions, but she is new and may not always have the answers. She will speak from the heart. Lulu asked Robin about meetings with the Bishop every 30 days. Robin informed Lulu that she was only able to meet with him once per term. Reason for meetings with the bishop are explaining what we do, we nurture, evangelize help people grow. We are supporting our pastoral plan within the diocese and support all pastors. * Robin was our lay director before Orie* Lulu asked Robin about when Ultreya is normally held and joined in discussion of the 3 King celebration Ultreya. Lulu and Robin also discussed SOL talks and topics. Lulu liked Robin’s calendar and schedule with consistency. Lulu asked Jim if he will work with Phyllis on a new app and implement for the community to use when signing up on the prayer wheel. Lulu with Orie verified bylaw changes and 3 year terms for all positions.

School of Leaders Chairperson: OUTGOING: Jim gave a report on needed upgrades to the center and matters concerning the building committee, which he is a member. He stated that he doubts needed changes will be accomplished in time for our next retreat. Jim also suggested that the lay director and SOL Chairperson each have a key to the center, especially considering the distance each person lives in relation to the center. Jim also explained when topic of zoom SOLs came up that the previous secretariat terminated that app. Zoom was paid for by our movement, it is not a free app. Jim will continue managing our Austin English Cursillo web site. Lulu asked Jim to work with Phyllis on a new app. Concerning our prayer wheel and he agreed. When Cursillo applications on our website was discussed, Jim also explained the forms need to be adjusted and the previous secretariat voted NOT to have it on our website. Jim informed us that there are 3 or 4 people that have been on the site asking about our movement and SOL. He explained we were in a transition with our secretariat. Lulu along with Orie explained we are having an Advent retreat Saturday November 13 at Holy Family Copperas Cove 9-Noon. Deacon Victor is our speaker. Funds for breakfast of $100. Have been approved. Lulu expressed that hopefully Orie will have help. Jean will keep receipts of items bought, for casseroles etc.

School of Leaders Chairperson: Robin gave all members a proposed SOL calendar Nov.2021- Sept. 2022. Robin stated members could either discuss it or vote on it. Dates times, and place can be changed. Discussion ensued led by Bettina concerning 3 Kings Ultreya in January. Madeline knows of a couple she would like to bring to SOL. Robin encouraged bringing people to SOL. Robin suggested having a get to know everyone party or activity. Or have a Christmas party? Need to speak with Doc. on center availability for a party. Robin asked everyone to consider how we want to have an SOL, perhaps with visit to the Blessed Sacrament, grouping, food time. Typically, SOL lasts around 2 hours with lay director giving a report and Deacon’s spiritual talk and technique talk given by SOL Chairperson or Cursillista. SOL can evolve but keep centrally located in either Jarrell or Salado. The talks with technique and step by step will roll into each other. Robin may also use the Leaders manual in SOL. Robin explained when asked by Lulu that Ultreyas are scheduled the 1st Sunday of each month. Robin explained she did not plan a summer break in the schedule, would like us to be consistent. Robin was asked about having SOL via zoom, she had not considered that. Robin stated, we exist for the SOL. will find out from our members which is preferred, but we were informed the zoom app was terminated. Robin suggested if we are in a large area, everyone can spread out. Discussion about having SOL on Saturdays versus a day during the week evolved into a vote with members agreeing on Saturday. Lulu motioned to accept the schedule, Madeline second it, motion carried. Robin will prepare in a calendar form. Robin questioned people going on the site asking about a weekend. Who is recommending them, someone at their church? A friend that is on the walk with them? A cursillista? We need to be sure the method is followed with new applicants. Emphasized person to person applications filled out and reviewed possibly interviewed in the process. Faxing paperwork and copies properly kept on file. Robin verified with Lulu and Orie bylaw change and terms of 3 years for all positions.

Cursillo Chairperson; Cynthia gave new Cursillo weekend application and sponsor sheet forms to Madeline and everyone for review and discussion. Orie had given Cynthia a sample form off the web also and that was discussed. Cynthia stated that in the past with secretariat meetings, they have either been before or after a SOL Cynthia agreed with Robin on keeping with our movement method of bringing people in to Cursillo and the application process with Deacon first signing off. We are a governing body, make decisions and need to keep everyone informed. Cynthia explained the new format of co-rectora becoming the rectora at the next women’s weekend. The next women’s weekend will be June 9-12. Cynthia stated that Jean was co rectora in Burnet and will be the next rectora in 2022. Cynthia will call Burnet about options and prices for next year. Discussed price listed on the applications, with Burnet’s costs the weekend fee needs to be increased. Jean expressed concerns along with Lulu about not having a Chapel available for masse at Burnet. Cynthia discussed items in the shed, especially Deacon vestments and heat sensitive items. Explained that Jim agreed to be custodian of sacristy items, all agreed with the decision. Cynthia said Blanca did not need the report listed on page 6 in the bylaws. We should eliminate that under article 6, second to the last on page 6.

Pre Cursillo-Chairperson: Madeline gave new revised bylaws to all members for review, she had gone over them with Orie. Madeline will make any changes to the bylaws if voted on. Madeline along with other members questioned our Cursillo and sponsor application forms. Orie had given her and Cynthia a sample to review. Madeline will review and make needed changes. Madeline also joined in discussion of the Cursillo weekend process. Madeline also believes we should increase our requested amount for the weekend, considering increased costs. She gave us examples of retreat costs in California.

Post Cursillo Chairperson: Bettina expressed a personal hardship attending SOL and secretariat on Saturday. We explained that if she could make as many as possible, we understand. Bettina has Orie on her team for Ultreya and will contact Sharon about rotation in Harker Heights. Concerning Parish bulletins, she has spoken with Dominga and Orie. Bettina also spoke with Mona, and she with Guadalupe will take care of bulletin at Christ the King. Bettina still needs to find someone at St. Joseph parish to help with the bulletin, also Lampasas. Wording needs to start with(invitation) when announcing in the bulletin and Catholic Spirit. Bettina also along with Cynthia and other members said that we need to update our roster and make calls to everyone for updates. Bettina is planning on having our 3 King Celebration Ultreya in Copperas Cove.

Treasurer’s Report: Orie has been filling this position, Lynn Acosta is taking over. Orie gave us a report and explained we lost funds with our last women weekend in Burnet. We were very blessed with $1000 dollars in donations. Orie explained that even though we are a nonprofit we do still have bills to pay and expenses. Suggested discussing and seriously considering fund raisers. Lynn and Orie will be going to the bank and make the transition, they have the needed forms filled out.

Old Business.

1. By Laws

2. Advent Retreat

3. Building Committee Report

NEW Business:

1. Position Descriptions

2. Starting date of SOL

3. Site for Women’s Weekend June 9-12/ fees

4. New sponsor/candidate application

5. Secretariat permission to allow Jim Ward/webmaster to work with Phyllis Gouge on prayer sign up

Closing Prayer: Deacon Victor

Respectfully submitted by: Jean Ward / Secretary