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2017 National Encounter – 60th Anniversary of Cursillo

The National Encounter will be held on July 27-30, 2017 at Trinity University which is located 7 minutes from the airport in San Antonio, TX. Trinity University offers the ideal setting for our National Encounter with a state-of-the-art 2500-seat auditorium, air-conditioned residence halls and innovative meal menus that are available for all activities of our event. For more details, you can visit https://conferences.trinity.edu

The registration forms are available on the National Site at https://www.natl-cursillo.org/encounter2017/. It is expected to be a fully packed National Encounter for celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Cursillo in the United States. See you there – bring a friend! 

The Agenda of the 27th National Cursillo Encounter is available in English

Agenda in Spanish:

Agenda in Vietnamese:

Invitation To : Friends In The Austin Cursillo Movement  Click 

 Fall Encounter :  October 27-28-2017 /   Oklahoma City, Ok   Will provide more information when available

Spring Encounter:  March 02-03-2018/   Laredo, Tx      Will provide more information when available

Visit Region 8 website at https.//www.natl-cursillo.org/houston/region8.htm

for facts ,activities,schedule on upcoming events, Region 8 Officers,Service Team and Region 8 cursillo websites.

Please also check our OMDCC(Organismo Mundial De Cursillos De Cristiandad) website titled: World Body Of Cursillos in Christianity at  http//www.orgmcc.or/en/

Secretariat Meetings  held the first Tuesday of every  month                                             School Of Leaders  held first and third Tuesday of

 @ the Cursillo Center in Jarrell,Tx                                                                               every month @ the Cursillo Center in Jarrell , Tx

No Secretariat meeting for the month of July                                                              No School Of Leaders meeting for the month of July

Secretariat meeting August 01-2017 @6:00pm                                                            School Of Leaders August 01-2017 @7:00pm

                                                                                                                                        School Of Leaders August 15-2017 @7:00pm


Diocese of Austin English Cursillo Community